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Arizona hip hop heats up with Kill Stacy, Lil Prada, and Slim Kara's "7017 Cypher"

Whether it's people paying attention to it or not, the Phoenix hip-hop scene is growing in a fashion where it's crafting some of the most rambunctious acts to come out of the West Coast. In the midst of the scene coming up, Kill Stacy and Lil Prada have been staying in the center of it with making infectious music that listeners have to gravitate to. They continue their heat streak with another hot single, "7017 Cypher".

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Yung Sav lights it up in his Daniel Jordan K visual, "Dimensions"

The Arizona rap scene is heating up with the likes of Lil Prada and Kill Stacy, but another exciting rapper that's being included in that mix is Yung Sav. Getting officially introduced to his sound on his visual, "Dimensions", Sav has a lot of potential and much to offer in 2018.

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