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Port Arthur growing star, Paris Aden connects with Texas emerging artists DENNIS + YGR on their hit, "Nail Salon"

Emerging from the depths of the legendary grounds of Port Arthur, Paris Aden has been making a new type of noise for the Golden Triangle for people to enjoy. Whether it’s something known locally or something that’s crossing over globally, Aden is introducing something new to the forefront and doing it with her friends.

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Maryland buzzmaker Lulu P claims his throne with the release of his project, "Big 16 (All American P)"

Emerging and making a way for himself with loads of sweat equity and one of hell of a rap sheet, Maryland rapper LuLu P has made it apparent he's an act that's here to stay. One of the leading generals of the Maryland collective, Marino Infantry, Lulu P has differentiated himself in the DMV scene with his signature whispering flow and playerstic driven rhymes that go beyond people's head most of the time.

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Baltimore hometown hero, Soduh delivers a fierce and complete body of work with his project, "Gatoraide"

Scoping the sound of the DMV it’s a lot to choose from and it’s some cool folks to include in the mix. Knowing this it makes it hard for folks to choose who’s their favorite acts in the scene but one of the hardest working has to go to Maryland’s own Soduh. A veteran in his own right, Soduh continues to apply more pressure to the forefront with his latest body of work, “Gatoraide”.

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