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Comethazine over-exceeds and completes his thrilling trilogy with his new project, "Bawskee 3.5"

Comethazine has a special place in my heart in terms of his music. His ability to produce a solid, banger-filled album, seems to be next to none. Unlike many artists today, who get a lot of attention through external ways from music, Comethazine stays true to his craft and only that.

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Paris Aden connects with DENNIS with the help of Broadday + Relax on their new banger, "Poor Rebecca"

The collaborated song between Dennis, Paris Aden, Relax, and Broadday, to start off, features a  variety of elements. At first it may come off as if there is too much going on, but as the song progresses it is obvious that that was the intent of the song. It is also obvious that every producer that played a part in the songs creation put their own unique elements into it.

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Dice Soho and Trill Sammy delivering their exciting and well anticipated visual for the single, "Ziplocs"

If you’ve been following Houston music for quite some time, then you’ll understand the dynamic duo of Trill Sammy and Dice Soho. The efforts of the light-skinned tattooed pair has allowed to them to grow to be national stars and they show they still prominent in their heavily anticipated visual, “Ziplocs”.

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