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Rex Orange County’s 10/10 Gives All the Good Feels To Listeners

Rex Orange County’s 10/10 may be the next song that can give people the boost they need to begin their day and push through all the ups and downs of life. With his refreshingly honest lyrics, the English artist goes deeper into real life struggles than most pop music is able to do.

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Texas R&B rebel, DONTASKGEN is off the leash and gets risky with new banging record, "Bad Company"  

The Texas R&B scene is one that has been growing and expanding for quite some time, and some of the regions are finding some of their stars. As Houston is getting bigger and better with their talent base, DONTASKGEN has established his footing when it comes to the sculpture of what it means to be an R&B staple in the area.

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Rocky Banks emerges to the forefront with the replayable rhythm of his new single, "Try Your Luck"

When it comes to the scope of the Houston music scene and what its grown to, it’s been a lot to offer. From the expansiveness of sound to the differentiation in the imagery, Houston is certainly in a prime when it comes to what different elements that it can offer. One of the main stays that continues to impress and improve is Rocky Banks.

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