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Pi’erre Bourne revs up your summer with delivering the long awaited project, "The Life of Pi'erre 4"

As you may know, he’s produced probably some of your favorite records over the past couple of years, but Pi’erre Bourne has been on a tear by himself with his music. Recently he’s been on a roll with releasing some visuals and his critically acclaimed project with Cardo, “Pi'erre & Cardo's Wild Adventure”, he follows up with the impressive and well-awaited body of work with “The Life of Pi'erre 4”.

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Houston upstart Danny Ayeko gets the vibes set right with his new wavy single, "High Times"

The Houston music scene is certainly a place that’s growing to a centerpoint for a lot of talent to emerge. Whether it’s regionally or nationally, H-Town has a lot to offer and you see with the sound of Danny Ayeko. Delivering his own creative direction with his records, he drops off a new age rhythm with his versatile driven material. In the new record, “High Times”

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