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D. Savage progresses in his artistry with his compelling release of his project, "TRUST NO ONE"

Following the release of his highly anticipated “D PHOENIX”, which features many popular leaks from D Savage, he returns to redeem himself, dropping his newest project Trust No One. Before I go more in depth on the album review I must point out the fact that his newest project didn’t have near as many leaked songs as his previous did, which is a major step in the right direction for the L.A. artist.

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R&B standout DONTASKGEN continues to progress and improve with his unplugged performance of "Back Inside My Room"

For those who are fans of Texas music, it’s not necessarily a lot of people who look into the state when it comes to modern state of R&B music. Not to say it’s a lot of people who aren’t talented in the genre but it’s not as much of a pool talent for the genre like it is when it comes to rap. Either way you look at the state of it in Texas, DONTASKGEN is breaking barriers in order to come up in the process.

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LuLu P and Soduh delivers a fierce visual with their striking collaboration on "8FT" 

Maryland has been one of the most interesting places when it comes to the new sound of hip-hop. With so many emerging stars from the area, it’s been a lot to offer when it comes to certain tastes for different listeners. As some may have their favorites, it’s undeniable to see how much work that LuLu P and Soduh have been putting in throughout this year.

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