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LuLu P and Soduh delivers a fierce visual with their striking collaboration on "8FT" 

Maryland has been one of the most interesting places when it comes to the new sound of hip-hop. With so many emerging stars from the area, it’s been a lot to offer when it comes to certain tastes for different listeners. As some may have their favorites, it’s undeniable to see how much work that LuLu P and Soduh have been putting in throughout this year.

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Emerging Maryland rapper, Skeeterlaflare announces his collaborative project, "Chemical Imbalance" with LA Producer AC

The Maryland area has been pinpointing some of the freshest rhymes and deliveries that’s been influencing the rest of the nation, and one of the key acts who’s been creeping on the come up is MOCO’s own Skeeterlaflare.

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Brent Faiyaz delivers right on time with his impromptu and impressive single, "Fuck The World (Summer in London)"

If you’ve been following the R&B landscape for the past year, one of the most relevant names to come up in consistent conversation is Maryland’s own Brent Faiyaz. The trail-blazer from the DMV has made it apparent he’s an act that’s here to stay with his signature sound and effort to push the envelope in his genre. He looks to do more of that with his new single, “Fuck The World (Summer in London)”.

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