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LuLu P and Soduh delivers a fierce visual with their striking collaboration on "8FT" 

Maryland has been one of the most interesting places when it comes to the new sound of hip-hop. With so many emerging stars from the area, it’s been a lot to offer when it comes to certain tastes for different listeners. As some may have their favorites, it’s undeniable to see how much work that LuLu P and Soduh have been putting in throughout this year.

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YGR continues to separate himself apart in the Texas scene with his new melodic TravionKB directed visual, "Hopscotch"

The Houston music scene is still one of the most interesting hubs in the game and they continue to grow in the mass of talent. In the underground scene that continues to bubble, YGR remains one of the main acts that shows and prove at a high level. In this new quickstrike visual, “Hopscotch

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Maryland emerging artist, Black Zheep delivers a more serious record with his crisp visual, "Flesh of The Flesh"

Booming in the DMV area, Maryland rapper Black Zheep DZ has made it apparent that he's one of the area's most talented with his sure fire consistency and ability to put out quality records. In the process of doing that again with his new material, he puts forth a more serious piece of content with his release of his visual, "Flesh Of My Flesh".

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