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Port Arthur growing star, Paris Aden connects with Texas emerging artists DENNIS + YGR on their hit, "Nail Salon"

Emerging from the depths of the legendary grounds of Port Arthur, Paris Aden has been making a new type of noise for the Golden Triangle for people to enjoy. Whether it’s something known locally or something that’s crossing over globally, Aden is introducing something new to the forefront and doing it with her friends.

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LilJaySoIcy recruits Stunna 4 Vegas for their bubbling infectious single, "Blitz"

The collaboration between the two is fitting due to the two of them having a similar style of flowing over a beat. In addition to the single, the pair recorded a video as well which has over two million views via the Worldstarhiphop website

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Houston songstress, Lilly Aviana delivers in full capacity with her heavily anticipated project, "Late Bloom"

Houston’s R&B scene is a rising community but it’s not as elaborate as the hip-hop scene that has had decades of growth, turmoil, and uprise over the years. While this may the case, this doesn’t the artistry from unique individuals in the city is not sprouting at an exceptional level and its showing with artists such as Lilly Aviana.

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