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Houston buzzing artist, BBY KODIE flips the hell out of a Kelis sample with his new single, "Milkshake"

If you’ve been following Modern Life for quite some time, you’re certainly familiar with the efforts of BBY KODIE. The Stomp Down artist has been putting out work at a consistent rate and it looks like he’s not slowing down any time soon. In efforts to show his creativity at a high level, he flips the legendary Kelis song, “Milkshake” and gives it a new meaning in every sense.

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Houston shining star, BBY KODIE enhances his sound with his new singles "7 AM" & "BENZ"

As I mentioned in my opening article about BBY Kodie in January, he’s going to be one of Houston’s most vital acts to come out of the city in the past decade. The humorous flow that he delivers over the Jigg-influence instrumentation has gained him footing with creating a signature sound, but this time around it’s only getting better.

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