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LNDN DRGS bring forth a forward thinking collaborative project with their body of work, "Affiliated"

If you’ve been following the California scene for the past year, LNDN DRGS may or may not be a name you’ll be familiar with but it’s no promise with the scene being expansive as it is now. Tapping more into what they offer, LNDN DRGS is getting prepared to unleash their new collaborative project, “Affiliated” and have been releasing fire content to get folks excited.

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Baltimore hometown hero, Soduh delivers a fierce and complete body of work with his project, "Gatoraide"

Scoping the sound of the DMV it’s a lot to choose from and it’s some cool folks to include in the mix. Knowing this it makes it hard for folks to choose who’s their favorite acts in the scene but one of the hardest working has to go to Maryland’s own Soduh. A veteran in his own right, Soduh continues to apply more pressure to the forefront with his latest body of work, “Gatoraide”.

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J.R. Cruise turns a new tide for Los Angeles music with his impressive project, "Seeds"

As time moves, you have folks such as J.R. Cruise who are implementing the classic influence of LA but utilizing it in a sense where it provides a new source of substance for the new LA generation. Coming off of a string of new singles and impressive visuals, he offers a full length project with his line of work, “Seeds”.

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