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Houston rising artist, Casper delivers a new vivid and interesting project with his body of work on "Waves"

Casper is no stranger to the creative arts. Ever since a young age, he has danced, rapped, and performed his way to a devoted cult-like home following which continues to grow by the day. As an artist who has been through the ringer of the entertainment industry and all that it encompasses, Casper wishes to distance himself from the luxuries of a traditional pursuit in order to better understand himself as an artist.

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Inner City Grooves: How Chelsea artist, YL is delivering modern nostalgic sounds in New York City's bubbling music scene

The new infrastructure of the NYC music scene is very versatile but amongst the diversity, Chelsea rapper YL sticks to his guns by implementing a vintage flow over nostalgic type beats that makes listeners reminiscent on the past while still being excited for his bright future. YL has been on an absolute tear with dropping 4 very complete projects over a 3 year period. Where they have may have different themes and concepts, YL certainly grabs the essence of the city in each body of work and resonates it in such a way that it can’t be duplicated.

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