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Houston upstart Danny Ayeko gets the vibes set right with his new wavy single, "High Times"

The Houston music scene is certainly a place that’s growing to a centerpoint for a lot of talent to emerge. Whether it’s regionally or nationally, H-Town has a lot to offer and you see with the sound of Danny Ayeko. Delivering his own creative direction with his records, he drops off a new age rhythm with his versatile driven material. In the new record, “High Times”

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Montrell mixes up vintage vibes in his new smooth visual, "Ball"

When it comes to new and emerging talent, it’s a lot of artists to choose from to feature but it’s hard to find some artists who can really separate themselves with a unique sound. The amount of submissions that MLM normally receives is at a high influx, but Montrell got through the cracks with his wavy visuals for his single, “Money”.

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