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Aira and Brandon Eugene Smith present some retro vibes with "Sandman"

When it comes to our submissions, most of them range between getting very hype filled rap for the most part and it's only a few times that we get something outside of the ordinary, and with the release of this single, this is definetly one of those times. Today on Modern Life Mag we present the classically inspired vibes of Aira, a singer from the Philippines who serenades over the sample of "Mr. Sandman".

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MLM Premiere: LauraJeanne and Scotty Brown connect on "Counting Pennies"

Coming off the strong releases of her records, "Sessions" and "CagedButterflies", LauraJeanne has captured hearts and minds of her listeners with her sweet serenading sounds and clever wordplay. She continues her heatstreak with Houston by the way of New York City artist Scotty Brown on her song, "Counting Pennies".

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DontAskGen curates a masterpiece with the "Memoirs of Summer"

The Houston music soundscape has expanded and grown in the past couple of years, but some artists have fell to the wayside with lack of progression in their sound. The art of evolving is one key things that artists have to latch onto in order to grow in their artistry, and the process is one that takes time but with time and persistence comes quality. These characteristics have been molded in the retransformation in the image of DontAskGen, who recently changed his stage name from Genesis Iver. 

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