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Dyckman favorite, Slayter solidifies his place in the evolving NYC rap scene with his project, "Cold At Night"

The New York music scene has been on fire to say the least this summer. While most of the attention may be focused on the quick emergence of Pop Smoke, it’s safe to say Dyckman hero Slayter is coming into his own as well. The Cinematic Music Group member shuts down the streets of NYC with his impressive project, “Cold At Night”.

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DONTASKGEN makes another bedroom hit for the summer with his infectious single, "Back Inside My Room"

While Houston is in an area that’s been dominated by the likes of different hip-hop artists, DONTASKGEN emerges into his own as Houston’s most valuable R&B artist to come out of the city at the moment. Coming off his impressive effort of his project, “DONTASKFORLOVE”, GEN continues to move forward with pushing his pen skills to the max with his seductive efforts on his new single, “Back Inside My Room”.

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Key! taps in with his melodic side on his futuristic sounding project, "So Emotional"

Staying in his own lane and staying consistent amongst some of the biggest acts in the nation, it’s safe to say Key! has remained one of the most influential names in hip-hop at the moment. In his path of perfection, he still implements new flows to the forefront and he fully embodies that on his new body of work, “So Emotional”.

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