Aira and Brandon Eugene Smith present some retro vibes with "Sandman"

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 4.23.29 PM.png

Written by Greg Harris 

When it comes to our submissions, most of them range between getting very hype filled rap for the most part and it's only a few times that we get something outside of the ordinary, and with the release of this single, this is definetly one of those times. Today on Modern Life Mag we present the classically inspired vibes of Aira, a singer from the Philippines who serenades over the sample of "Mr. Sandman". Switching the structure of the original song, she aims to find the perfect man who listens and will be there for her. The Brandon Eugene Smith produced single is the perfect introduction to her music, and it's noteworthy that you give this a listen. 

Listen here.