⚡️MLM PREMIERE⚡️ Rell delivers an melodic EP that you need to hear called "The World Is Mine"

Rell World Is Mine .jpg

Written by Greg Harris // Cover Art by DeadMonBernz

The infrastructure of music and modern technology has made it easier for artists and creatives to get connected with another. Given the curated communities that blogs and websites create, it's an echelon of artists who are getting ushered through these platforms that are presenting a different flavor of music that hasn't been brought to the forefront and it just gives these individuals the time and space to make something great for listeners. 

Among the bunch who's crafting a different taste of music for listeners is Los Angeles based rapper/singer Rell. The Columbus, Ohio born artist made his move to Hollywood at the age of 18, and since then has crafted a very organic sound that embodies the efforts of melodic tunes and turnt up trap tunes. You can hear it in his singles such as the standout song, "Dangerous" and impressive cuts such as "MPR" and "Legend". Today he's presenting his new project, "The World Is Mine" with Modern Life Mag. 

The basis of this EP comes from a place where Rell wants people to find their "mental getaway" and empower people that the world is theirs in each track on this project. It's more than a pleasure to get connected with an artist of this caliber and have this much foresight on something that he is creating. We enjoy this project and we hope you do as well.

Listen here.