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Lo Life Lane x ICYTWAT connect on a smooth and futuristic project with their efforts on "Snow Beach EP"

While some others may not be hip to what’s going in this part of the nation, the Midwest section is making their own waves in the game with transcendent artists who are making their imprint. In the midst of the cities and states that’s making an effort to put on talent, Ohio is one of the front runners in the race with the direction they’re representing. In the bunch of artists, Lo Life Lane is a mellow act that’s been an impact with his clever rhymes at a consistent level.

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Ohio rising star, Speed Walton emerges on the scene with his new striking single, "Ghetto Western Freestyle"

Coming from the depths of Cincinnati, Modern Life Mag gets introduced to the refreshing rhymes of Speed Walton. Recently getting familiarized with his material through via email, he offers a new fresh piece of material with his new single, “Ghetto Western Freestyle”.

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Ohio shining star, Major Zoe establishes his footing even more in the nation's landscape with his impressive body of work, "1804"

When it comes to the scope of Ohio Hip-Hop, it’s stars that do emerge within the scene that breakout nationally but it’s also some who just make their stamp at a regional level. In the midst of the talent that’s looking to make their name known in Ohio, Major Zoe reigns as one of the heavyweights in the scene that’s going to go beyond the borders of the state and region.

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