Ohio shining star, Major Zoe establishes his footing even more in the nation's landscape with his impressive body of work, "1804"

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Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to the scope of Ohio Hip-Hop, it’s stars that do emerge within the scene that breakout nationally but it’s also some who just make their stamp at a regional level. In the midst of the talent that’s looking to make their name known in Ohio, Major Zoe reigns as one of the heavyweights in the scene that’s going to go beyond the borders of the state and region.

Collecting a portfolio of singles and visuals over a course of time, he finally compiles a strong effort in his new body of work “1804”. The 12-track project carries a versatile array of singles that derive from a melodic base. It also allows Zoe to feature much of his solo efforts all throughout the project but also highlights how he can balance his sound with his features with Trippie Redd and 24Hrs. Overall it’s something that you need to tune in with and catch up to before it’s too late.

Check out the new project below.