Unotheactivist links with Illroots to talk about his album, being a Soundcloud pioneer, meeting Mike Dean, and more

Unotheactivst Illroots GIF.gif

Written by Greg Harris 

For starters, it's quite easy to say that Unotheactivist had a quite a good year in 2017 with him signing to Republic Records and his releasing his project, "Live.Shyne.Die", which was arguably one of the most cohesive projects that were put together last year. In the process of creating and constructing some more tunes for fans to enjoy, Illroots pulled up on Uno to speak to him about various topics in LA. Uno had time to share with them about his mindset as an artist, how he thinks he's a Soundcloud pioneer, how he met legendary producer, Mike Dean, and more. 

Watch the video here.