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South Florida Legends: The Importance of Richy Samo x Yoppa Bam

In the process of seeing who are the frontrunners of what new “South Florida”, Yoppa Bam and Richy Samo rank amongst two of the most influential characters that have made a stamp in the Miami area. Coming straight out of North Miami, Bam and Samo represented an area of the city that didn’t necessarily have a sound that resonated with the youth and seeing that they could fill a void, Black Society Records came about. Pushing towards more sounds that were left-field, Samo and Bam carved their own lane with having striking production and mystic rhymes that gave off the lifestyle of the hot South Florida streets that connected with the fast life of the youth.

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Making Waves and Rollin' Tide: Why OMB Peezy will put Alabama on the Map

When we think about the cultural hubs of hip-hop music, we believe East and West coasts, Atlanta, Houston, but Alabama is usually never included in the conversation. Enter Mobile’s own, OMB Peezy, a rapper who is bound and determined to put the entirety of the mumble-rap genre to bed. The twenty-year-old MC has been living in Sacramento, California for some time as he has begun to pick up steam with his unique musical style.

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Paris Le Rouge unleashes “There’s A Lot Going on Right Now”  

The Houston sound has been known as a place where a lot of rising talent set to make their mark in the industry, but it ends up being a place where some fall to the wayside and only few will make it in the ranks to prosper beyond the city’s limits. An artist who’s differentiated himself from the bunch and who looks onto to bursting on the national scale is Houston bred artist, Paris Le Rouge. 

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