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Houston upstarts, Paris Le Rouge + Noie J collide together for their collab with Beldondidthat on "Big Mood"

Houston gumbo pot of talent has allowed different waves of Houston talent to emerge in different ways. The ascension of Paris Le Rouge has been different to other running the same race, but it also gives him leverage amongst other areas as well. Receiving love in the city, Paris Le Rouge continues his run of his singles with his newest song, “Big Mood” ft rising H-Town rapper, Noie J.

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Paris Le Rouge + 1200CeeJay delivers an off-kilter visual with "1200Troupe"

Houston has been a topsy-turvy scene that has been making some of its homegrown acts pop off on the national scene. During the rise of these artists, it's been a bubbling underground scene that's been allowing artists in the city to grow and you see that with the ascension of Space City rapper Paris Le Rouge. The self-proclaimed "Lil Goat" has been a hot streak of releasing singles and visuals, he continues his route of doing so with his latest visual, "1200Troupe".

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Paris Le Rouge unleashes “There’s A Lot Going on Right Now”  

The Houston sound has been known as a place where a lot of rising talent set to make their mark in the industry, but it ends up being a place where some fall to the wayside and only few will make it in the ranks to prosper beyond the city’s limits. An artist who’s differentiated himself from the bunch and who looks onto to bursting on the national scale is Houston bred artist, Paris Le Rouge. 

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