Paris Le Rouge + 1200CeeJay delivers an off-kilter visual with "1200Troupe"

1200Troupe GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

Houston has been a topsy-turvy scene that has been making some of its homegrown acts pop off on the national scene. During the rise of these artists, it's been a bubbling underground scene that's been allowing artists in the city to grow and you see that with the ascension of Space City rapper Paris Le Rouge. The self-proclaimed "Lil Goat" has been a hot streak of releasing singles and visuals, he continues his route of doing so with his latest visual, "1200Troupe". The visual accompanies 1200CeeJay, another artist from the city who gives Paris a nice balance with his street essence as Le Rouge provides his modern hipster spin on the record. This blend is certainly one that'll be interesting to watch and how it can possibly blossom a new energy in H-Town. 

Watch It Here Below.