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Yoppa Bam continues to cement his legacy outside the borders of Florida with his new single, "Test Dummy"

If you been following the Soundcloud circuit, Florida has certainly made their impact with the large amount of artists who has made their impact nationally. Where some folks have been setting the tone in many ways, it’s artists like Yoppa Bam that have been taking over the underground while maintaining a mainstream presence.

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South Florida icon in the making, Richy Samo soldifies his place and showcases versatility in his new project, "As The World Burns Slow"

Although this body of work has been out for a little bit, Richy Samo has certainly a new tone and continues to evolve on his new project, “As The World Burns Slow”. While this may be the precursor for his long-awaited album, “Skrewhead”, Samo really gets into his bag and experiments on different levels in this new 6 track EP.

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South Florida Legends: The Importance of Richy Samo x Yoppa Bam

In the process of seeing who are the frontrunners of what new “South Florida”, Yoppa Bam and Richy Samo rank amongst two of the most influential characters that have made a stamp in the Miami area. Coming straight out of North Miami, Bam and Samo represented an area of the city that didn’t necessarily have a sound that resonated with the youth and seeing that they could fill a void, Black Society Records came about. Pushing towards more sounds that were left-field, Samo and Bam carved their own lane with having striking production and mystic rhymes that gave off the lifestyle of the hot South Florida streets that connected with the fast life of the youth.

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