South Florida Legends: The Importance of Richy Samo x Yoppa Bam

Written by Greg Harris

The Florida scene has been one that many have drawn their eyes to in recent years with the huge spark that Soundcloud and Youtube created for these artists. These two platforms aligned these artists to become some of the most interesting and biggest personalities that we know of in the modern age of this urban genre. As it is important to spot out the stars that have paved a new way for the state to shine, it should also be a focus on the influencers from this area as well.

In the process of seeing who are the frontrunners of what new “South Florida”, Yoppa Bam and Richy Samo rank amongst two of the most influential characters that have made a stamp in the Miami area. Coming straight out of North Miami, Bam and Samo represented an area of the city that didn’t necessarily have a sound that resonated with the youth and seeing that they could fill a void, Black Society Records came about. Pushing towards more sounds that were left-field, Samo and Bam carved their own lane with having striking production and mystic rhymes that gave off the lifestyle of the hot South Florida streets that connected with the fast life of the youth. Brewing a boastful, fun, and degenerate flavor for Floridians, up and coming artists recognized the potential for B$R, and with that vision came along future shining stars such as Lil Pump and Smokepurpp.



The connection is quite important because this is solely an in-house operation that now represents a strong portion what the new South Florida music scene sounds/looks like. From the mesmerizing beats that Samo was cooking up and the ghoul-inspired rhymes that Yopp was kicking gave light to the kick-door flows that Smokepurpp and Lil Pump was coming up within the genesis of their careers.

Spinning the clock forward a couple of years later, Yoppa and Richy are still the trail-blazers they were then. Samo unleashed more heat in the earlier parts of this year with his latest Lyrical Lemonade premiered project, “Demon Dayz” and Yoppa is on a tear with the loose string of visuals and singles he’s putting out at the moment. The sound is very much the same but the cadences and the rhythms have advanced along time, it’s something that more listeners have to dive into because they’re apart of the erupting wave of South Florida that’s coming to the forefront.

As these guys are not the most known acts from their homeland, they are amongst some of the most important acts that have placed a strong impact on the current culture of Miami and what it has become in the past couple of years. If you’re not on the wave at the moment, it’s advised to catch on quickly before you drown in it later.