Tobe Nwigue continues to set his foot in the industry with new visual "Hard"

Tobe Nwigue GIF.gif

Written by Greg Harris

As most know Houston as being a city that's known for it's slowed down flavor, it's been some artists in recent memory who have been paving a way for themselves with delivering their art form differently. One of these artists is lyrical shining star, Tobe Nwigue. With catching the attention of the likes of BET and Sway, Tobe Nwigue has been receiving waves of support with his direct tone of wittiness while still being able to emphasize on a street enthused past life in his music as well. In the matter of balancing both aspects in his music, he displays this crisply in his new video, "Hard", which is a must-see for those who want to get exposed to Tobe's sound.

Watch here.