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Making Waves and Rollin' Tide: Why OMB Peezy will put Alabama on the Map

When we think about the cultural hubs of hip-hop music, we believe East and West coasts, Atlanta, Houston, but Alabama is usually never included in the conversation. Enter Mobile’s own, OMB Peezy, a rapper who is bound and determined to put the entirety of the mumble-rap genre to bed. The twenty-year-old MC has been living in Sacramento, California for some time as he has begun to pick up steam with his unique musical style.

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CanoDamere bringing soul back to the forefront 

In the area of Houston, it’s a slew of artists who are releasing material every day but it’s some of these artists that stick and others don’t. When it comes to the rising talent that stems from the city, one can be very decisive to what’s going to be the next thing that can represent Space City. Well, he may not be the biggest artist at this time but one artist to keep an eye out for is CanoDamare. 

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