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R&B standout DONTASKGEN continues to progress and improve with his unplugged performance of "Back Inside My Room"

For those who are fans of Texas music, it’s not necessarily a lot of people who look into the state when it comes to modern state of R&B music. Not to say it’s a lot of people who aren’t talented in the genre but it’s not as much of a pool talent for the genre like it is when it comes to rap. Either way you look at the state of it in Texas, DONTASKGEN is breaking barriers in order to come up in the process.

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Dominic Fike tries to manage time and gets lost in the "City of Palms" in his new summer influenced visual, "3 Nights"

Before 2018 closed out, Florida artist Dominic Fike made his presence known nationwide with his compelling project, “Don’t Forget About Me”. The short yet complete body of work gained Fike new fans and followers in recent months, and he offers even more material with his perceptive visual, “3 Nights”.

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Florida artist Dominic Fike delivers a fluid debut with his "Don't Forget About Me (Demos)" project

When it comes to new eccentric sounds that surface the internet, it’s always good to check out the artist-fax prior to hearing the music because it’s a lot of industry plants that are popping up in this space. Given the track record of many who have made their own headway into stardom, one of those who has prevailed and established his own footing in the game is Dominic Fike. The Florida beach boy provides some post summer jams with his new project, “Don’t Forget About Me (Demos)”.

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