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DONTASKGEN delivers a intriguing storyline and captivates plays in his new thrilling visual, "Dirty Game" featuring Adonis The Greek

Coming from the Houston music scene, DONTASKGEN has put himself in a class of his own. Just following the steps after releasing his critically acclaimed project, “DONTASKFORLOVE”, he aims to grab more folks attention with new concepts and creatives ways of marketing his material. While some may be in anticipation for other records to be released visually, GEN delivers a very powerful visual for his single, “Dirty Game” featuring Adonis The Greek.

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LOVEONFRIDAY comes through and delivers a vivid cinematic effort with his new project, "Selfish"

The mixture of the Houston music scene is a very euphoric experience that listeners can discover while looking through the catalog of what’s to offer in the Bayou City. While majority of the city’s sound rely in reality and flair, artist/producer LOVEONFRIDAY brings more of a melodic sound with meaning that can float easily into the heavily admired playlists of the niche sub-genres that has made its way to national mass scale

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