Dallas shining star DENNIS delivers a electrifying coming of age project with his release, Ego Death


Written by Greg Harris

Emerging randomly out of Dallas and quickly incorporating himself in Houston’s unique youth driven underground music scene, DENNIS has made it apparent that he’s poised to be one of Texas’ next big stars with his consistency and unique approach with his material. Coming off the heels with his dark but intriguing project, “Hell Is Real”, he turns up the heat with his creative collaboration with emerging Houston producer, TravionKB on the new electrifying body of work “Ego Death”.

The pair comes together for a conceptual but hard hitting piece of art that can’t be matched at the indie/amateur level. The amount of creative energy that the duo dedicated is shown throughout the project and it certainly shows DENNIS in a higher light as he progresses in his artistry. This will only be a starting to show how serious and how far DENNIS can go with his material.

Check out the new project below.