BBY Kodie turns a different tide with Lil No Friends on their wavy record, "Where It Doesn’t Rain?"

KODIE .jpg

Written by Greg Harris

As much as we cover BBY Kodie, he has shown highlights in different records but it has yet to be a record that matches the energy and thought provoking ability he put into the short quick strike of his single, “Where It Doesn’t Rain?”. The Lil No Friends produced exclusive is another heater from the KODIE and No Friends vault but this embodies a different type of flow that Kodie shows a more honest side of himself and evokes transparency in a way that Kodie fans aren’t use to. Taking elements from Wiz Khalifa’s “Ink My Whole Body”, the record shows that Kodie is in a class of his own with his material and we advise you guys to take a listen right away.

Listen to the song below.