North Houston Player of the Year, SIDDIQ creates and compiles your new summer playlist with "44 Action"

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Written by Greg Harris

The amount of talent that’s based in Texas is enormous to say the least. Although it’s a lot of folks who are getting put on from the Lone Star state, it’s some that still go unnoticed despite the talent level. One of Houston’s consistent tastemakers and differentiated artists, SIDDIQ has always rode his own wave and continue to do so with his creative compilation “44 Action”.

The new body of work highlights individuals in the city that offer different sounds than the average Houstonian and also provide some exclusive cuts coming from SIDDIQ. The line of artists include the likes of Scotty Brown, God Body Bingo, Darius The Great, Maserati Trey, and more. The new inclusive art form that SIDDIQ embodies the new generation of what the city has to offer and how unique it can sound like.

Check out the new body of work below.