Southwest Houston rising artist, YGR is someone to need to keep an eye on in Houston's emerging scene

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Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been following the indie circuit of Houston music, it’s been a lot of talent to offer in recent memory. The young emerging scene that’s coming out as of right now is filled with loads of artists, producers, and creatives who are looking to make their imprint known on a bigger level and it’s micro-fan bases that’s coming out of that with them consistently dropping music. One of them who’s been catching Modern Life’s attention as of late is Southwest melodic yet turnt artist, YGR.

Showing signs of early version of UnoTheActivist, YGR is poised to be one of those acts that can stretch on his own with his unique sound and image that he presents. He’s been on our radar only for a short amount of time but since then his work precedes him in a way where a lot of people can vouch for him. The modern grooves he provides in his material certainly makes him a X-Factor in the emerging scene and gives light to what kind of potential he can have going into the rest of this year.

If you’re not familiar with his work, we recommend you guys to get hip right away below before it’s too late.