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Houston creative dynamo, Francis Thomas lets his presence be known and heard on his new visual, "On The Road"

As some artists who have paved a lane for themselves, some of those individuals do it for some time and lose momentum along the way. Someone who has resisted that and continued to strive in his artistry is Francis Thomas. Seeing the continuous strike of singles and visuals he provides, Thomas has been on a tear by providing himself with a sound that resonates with other but fully represents himself. In efforts to bring more things to the forefront, Thomas drops off a new perspective field visual titled “On The Road”.

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⚡️MLM PREMIERE⚡️ Houston's own Francis Thomas gets very complex in his new double record, #KILLFRANKLUKE

The Houston infrastructure continues to getting stronger and stronger with more artists coming out of the woodworks with fresh material and it’s getting crazy to divide where each talent is differentiating themselves. One of the artists who has been consistently putting a pulse on the city is Francis Thomas. Featured in many articles in the past, Thomas increases his sound even more with his new single, #KILLFRANKLUKE. This new look into some of the new material he’s going to be pushing out just goes to show listeners what creative direction Thomas is going towards.

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