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North Carolina's own rising star, BIGBABYGUCCI applies pressure with two fresh sounding singles

When it comes to the emerging scene that’s bubbling in the Carolinas, you can’t leave out the impressive body of work that BigBabyGucci has been putting in for the past couple of years. Coming off his first major debut, he stills aims to apply more pressure before 2018 is over with and he does just that with the two new singles he’s released.

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BigBabyGucci drops major league debut, "10 Minutes To Live" accompanied with his "Ballin On Em" Video

One of the earliest trendsetters in the Carolina scene was BigBabyGucci. Gaining a huge fanbase on the pages of Soundcloud and other routes of social media, BabyGucci’s popularity continue to grow in the underground market. As his name continued to bubble, he caught the attention of Payday/Ultra Records, which is one of Sony Music’s divisions that’s bringing some of the freshest new artists onto the big stage. Being one of the new headlining artists on their new roster, he unleashes his major league debut executively produced by Bobby Johnson, “10 Minutes To Live”.

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Bigbabygucci and Reddish Blu create early 2000s vibes on their song "To, You"

If you meshed the party/hipster essence of Pharrell's Frontin video into today's time, this new single provided by Bigbabygucci and Reddish Blu. Both artists have put in their due diligence separately with Gucci's modern trap star sounds and Blu's take on soul music with bass booming instrumentation, but this collaboration shows that both artists can generate a melodic feel cohesively.

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