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Reddish Blu relieves her fans with his long-anticipated video, "You're So Beautiful"

Gaining much steam via social media, Reddish Blu has been the apple of her follower's eyes with astonishing looks and vocal presence she gravitates her listeners to. If you've been checking her feed, it's been filled with various photos of her working and staying in the studio. This has been keeping her fans on the edge of her seats for new material and she finally blesses the internet with her Yinka Soda directed visual, "You're So Beautiful".

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Bigbabygucci and Reddish Blu create early 2000s vibes on their song "To, You"

If you meshed the party/hipster essence of Pharrell's Frontin video into today's time, this new single provided by Bigbabygucci and Reddish Blu. Both artists have put in their due diligence separately with Gucci's modern trap star sounds and Blu's take on soul music with bass booming instrumentation, but this collaboration shows that both artists can generate a melodic feel cohesively.

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