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NYC lifestyle brand, theblacktongue drops a new exclusive from Burger Man titled “Bite Me”

Coming the depths of their catalog, New York City boutique lifestyle brand, theblacktongue drops an exclusive banger from the Missouri City MC. Burger Man drops an effortless hook-ridden jam for fans to enjoy the single, “Bite Me”. Calling out the fakers looking to portray him, Burger Man slays the competition with vicious lyrics throughout the song.

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Zaki Toure delivers some crisp beats on "The Visual Experiment"

As one of our specialties is not necessarily focusing on the aspect of music, but to give it another direction of coverage, we enlighten our readers on the things that are the verge of bubbling. In the midst of things that are going in the direction of progression, you can hear that clearly with Zaki Toure beats. He recently released a project, "The Visual Experiment"

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