Queens favorite, Lansky Jones delivers fresh rhymes and real raps on his new refreshing project, "Dangerfield"

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Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been liking the New York City music scene for the past half decade, then you’re familiar with Fool Gold’s collective, “World’s Fair”. The solidified crew from Queens have molded some of the music that’s coming from the borough and each member in the crew still gets busy and you see that clearly with the release of Lansky Jones new project, “Dangerfield”.

While this is something that is different from the work of World’s Fair, this solo focus on Jones breathes life of Modern New York with stems of the vintage essence that the city possessed in past time. Jones blend of both is a impressive effort to deliver dedicated bodies of work that still are rhyme heavy. In a world where mumble is king, Jones stands tall on the foundation of slick lyricism and old-school tricks and trades of hip-hop in a new fashion with the release of “Dangerfield”.

Check out the new project below.