Kari Faux comes back in full-swing with vibes galore yet transparent truth on her new well-done album, "Cry 4 Help"


Written by Greg Harris

Arkansas may not be the cultural haven for what’s happening in the 3rd Coast, let alone the nation, but they are sprouting out some of the most intriguing acts in the country. While it may not be a national outbreak of talent that’s breaking out of the state in recent memory but one of the most consistent acts that has garnered attention is Little Rock’s majestic cool queen, Kari Faux.

Catching people’s attention with her own singles, features with Childish Gambino, her eclectic attachment to today’s culture, Faux has bobbed and weaved her way throughout the industry that allowed to fluidly flow in her own lane. For those who were waiting for more solo work, she plasters a new very dedicated effort with her new project, “Cry 4 Later”. Although, it’s only 5 songs, they’re filled with many different emotions that listeners can encounter and you can see the vulnerability placed in various singles on the album. Where its encountering unwanted pregnancies, being in solitude, or relief from Mary Jane, Faux bleeds out honesty in a short format and its surely a nice start to what Faux has in store in 2019.

Check out the new project below.