Dallas emerging star and fan-favorite, Emotional Xan drops his well-awaited project, "The Rebirth"

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Written by Greg Harris

For those who’ve been following the rising climate of Texas music, Dallas is easily one of the places in the nation that’s been making a change in the way people view the Lone Star state. Amongst the versatile array of artists who have been making their way onto mainstream headlines, Emotional Xan has caught a ear for a lot of people with his shock value filled image and surprisingly catching sounds.

Delivering fresh sounds and visuals that have caught many folks attention, he follows up with his heavily anticipated new project, “The Rebirth”. The new 11-track body of work is filled with different flows and tempos that can give listeners a new view on the fresh material. It’s something impressive that Texans and others alike can share and spread in a fast fashion since it’s that good.

Check out the new project below.