New York City upstarts Al Benji x ABG Neal x Velli Banks connect on their high energy filled visual, "Lil B*tch"

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 9.01.52 PM (1).png

Written by Greg Harris

The New York Scene has grown into a new haven for artists to prosper in the Northeast. The remodeling of the sound infrastructure placed in the urban genre has sprouted some serious acts that have gone to sell out stadiums and get platinum selling records. As some artists amongst the mainstream circle have put on for The Big Apple, Krimelife Boys have been tightening up the underground circuit with their upfront rambunctious delivery in their music.

With Krimelife Ca$$ and ABG Neal leading the way, Al Benji and Velli Banks have ushered themselves in their spotlight with their consistent efforts. Benji, Neal, and Banks come together on the striking single, "Lil Bitch". The Starr Mazi is a new cinematic experience that you can add to the Krimelife catalog. This is not only the national arrival of Banks and Benji but it's a new win to the Krimelife board during their hot streak

Check out the visual below.