Fort Worth's own shooting star, Kenny B gets hype in his new visual, "History"

Kenny B History GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris  

The Dallas/Fort Worth has become a gold mine in today's scene of Texas music. With producing the likes of Post Malone, Hoodfame Go Yayo, Yella Beezy, and more, DFW has certainly been one of the hotspots in the Lone Star state for talent and Fort Worth's buzzing young artist, Kenny B is certainly proving that in all ways.

Recently signing a new deal with Alamo Records, Kenny B becomes Fort Worth first artist to be signed to a major label and he expresses his level of excitement to make his stamp in the game with his newest visual, "History". The Recka Filmz directed video showcases Kenny tearing the beat up with his running-off-the mill flow and Big Texas attitude. Delivering his own recipe of success, this video will establish Kenny's place in the new emerging wave of artists from the Lone Star State.