Rap-A-Lot heir to the label's throne, Tre Stanley delivers a wavy visual with "No Friends"

Tre Stanley GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris  

In the heating months of the summer, Rap-A-Lot rapper Tre Stanley plans to deliver more heat for this hot season with new visuals and songs. One of his latest drops he's delivered for his fans is his "No Friends" visual. Filmed in New York City during their trip for ASAP Press' memorial, LilJaySoIcy and Abiel Garcia capture Stanley kicking big shit with various members of the ASAP Mob while also exploring the different sections of NYC with the Rap-A-Lot fam. The video symbolizes unity along with keeping things tight amongst the fam. It's certainly a good look for Stanley and how he plans to progress in the Houston scene. 

Watch it here.