Baton Rouge's rising star, Manehoe releases his heavily anticipated project, "Pirate Talk"

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Written by Greg Harris  

Louisana is easily one of the deepest hotbeds in hip-hop right now, crafting new street stars each month. One of the most intriguing and lyrically gifted artists in the area who's been making noise in the state is easily Baton Rouge's own Manehoe. The rising BR act has been engaging fans nationwide with visuals such as "Freeze Up", "War", and "MoneyBagg Yo Flow", and he keeps up his streak with his newest project, "Pirate Talk". The 8-track project is a reflection of gritty gangsta music with off the wall metaphors that carries a Cajun attitude. It's surprising how many aren't hip to his material but it's only a matter of time until his music reaches beyond the barriers of Lousiana. 

Listen here.