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Rizzoo Rizzoo doesn't stop with unleashing new heat on his crazy single, "Rated R"

Creating waves and shocking the world with the release of his buzzing video, “Drip or Drown”, Rizzoo is on a path of making a serious impact before 2019 closes. Getting fans prepared for his release of his upcoming project, “Green Goblin”, Rizzoo is lining new singles for fans to get hooked on before it drops.

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Rizzoo Rizzoo creates an infectious hit with his splashed out visual, "Drip or Drown"

When it scope of the Texas sound, The Sauce Familia has been making it apparent that their legacy remains high within the Lone Star state and beyond. As the members continue to get seasoned with their efforts, they’re only getting better over time and this is truly apparent with Rizzoo Rizzoo. Once the hook master of TSF has grown into a fan favorite with his ability to deliver infectious bars and drop straight hits for fans to enjoy.

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Peso Peso and Rizzoo Rizzoo crash the internet with their heavily anticipated visual, "Flow 3"

Since the instant growth that came with their first hit, “Flow” in the earlier parts of 2019, its given them leverage and a lot to work with in regards of their solo and dual efforts. As they both progressed with what they have done, it was only right to bring it back home with doing the visual for the anticipated “Flow 3”.

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