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SABA recruits Mick Jenkins and Xavier Omär for his special soulful record, "Stay Right There"

SABA, after the success of his fantastic full-length album, Care For Me, has been putting in some heavy work to bring us the vibes we need, but don’t deserve. “Stay Right Here,” features glossy production, soul-laden verses served up by Saba, a smooth but solid contribution from Mick Jenkins, and a heavenly choral performance by Xavier Omar to top it all off.

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EarthGang revives conscious reality rap for Atlanta Hip Hop on "Rags"

Atlanta has been known for their transcending artists who have revolutionized the art of music for quite some time. From the soulful days of Ray Charles and Gladys Knight to setting the tone in R&B and Hip Hop with acts like Xscape, Gucci Mane, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, and more. The sound of the city continues to further itself from multiple angles with seeing the hybrid influence that's embedded in Sahbabii to the new rockstar vibes of Playboi Carti and now it's becoming more evident on the conscious level of rap with EarthGang. 

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