EarthGang revives conscious reality rap for Atlanta Hip Hop on "Rags"

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Written by Greg Harris

MLM Review: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

Atlanta has been known for their transcending artists who have revolutionized the art of music for quite some time. From the soulful days of Ray Charles and Gladys Knight to setting the tone in R&B and Hip Hop with acts like Xscape, Gucci Mane, Dallas Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, and more. The sound of the city continues to further itself from multiple angles with seeing the hybrid influence that's embedded in Sahbabii to the new rockstar vibes of Playboi Carti and now it's becoming more evident on the conscious level of rap with EarthGang. 

Being known as the veterans in the Atlanta music scene, EarthGang dog days are officially over with their newly signed deal with J. Cole's Dreamville imprint, and the release of their latest project, "Rags". Apart from that's been released in the past, the growth of their artistry is presented in full form that represents the modern Atlanta resident with a vintage southern essence that embodies the lifestyle and culture found in the Peach state. 

The 3rd Coast narrative found in the 5 track GA scripted project is elements of the duo speaking on pros and cons of modern representation of the black man in "Meditate" featuring J.I.D. to "Red Light" touching on the aspects of growing outside environment while reflecting on whatever resources that his loved ones provided for them. This project provides the padding that bounces of the highs and lows of reality while also delivering a soundtrack that generates good vibes for the soul, you can see that with D.C. Youngfly featured skits that plays at the end of each track. 

This is certainly a piece of work that some may overlook but it's certainly going to go down as one of the most quality driven projects that will stick out at the end of 2017. Listen to it here.