SABA recruits Mick Jenkins and Xavier Omär for his special soulful record, "Stay Right There"

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Written by Kolin Miller

I’ve been saying it for awhile now, and I will continue to say it: the non-drill Chicago sound is the future of hip hop. Starting several years ago, artists like Chance, King Chip, Vic Mensa, and Mick Jenkins laid the groundwork. Today, along with the artists mentioned, we have a massive collective of Chicago-based creatives who continue to make wave after wave in the hip hop world – artists like Noname, Saba, Smino, Monte Booker, Joey Purp, and Xavier Omar to name a few. As I keep telling people in my immediate circle and whoever else reads my work consistently, this specific Chicago sound will dominate the spot that the Atlanta trap sound has dominated in the past several years – if I’m right you heard it HERE first!

Whether or not this becomes true, it would be inaccurate to say that the Chicago sound isn’t already quite popular. The popularity of this sound is due entirely to the dedication and hard work of all artists that contribute to the sound.

SABA, after the success of his fantastic full-length album, Care For Me, has been putting in some heavy work to bring us the vibes we need, but don’t deserve. “Stay Right Here,” features glossy production, soul-laden verses served up by Saba, a smooth but solid contribution from Mick Jenkins, and a heavenly choral performance by Xavier Omar to top it all off. If the track was a food, it would be a hearty stew on a cold day, with a hot fudge Sunday for dessert. Or maybe it would be cotton candy ice cream with peppermint crumbles… Whatever the case, SABA and company cheffed up delicious vibes that everyone can enjoy.

Check it out here.