JPEGMAFIA connects with super producer, Kenny Beats on the off-kilter jam, "Puff Daddy"

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Written by Kolin Miller

Okay, disclaimer, I am a huge fan of Peggy. Also, right of the bat, I want to give a shout out to “P F / Dad Reacts,” for getting the best interview of JPEG MAFIA to date.

Typically, Dad Reacts consists of 11 year-old Ruairi showing the music of some of hip hop’s most iconic or buzzin’ artists to his father. In this video, Peggy sits alongside the internet’s favorite 11-year-old, chowing down on a bowl of fruit, as this nubile hip-hop-head conducts an impressive interview. Anyways, back to the release.

JPEG MAFIA recently dropped his latest single, “Puff Daddy.” If you’re not familiar with JPEG, to sum up his sound in short, imagine running an atonal but syncopated beat through a politically-charged paper shredder, and then every over-and-done trope in current hip-hop being forcibly shoved to the middle of this soundscape to be taunted, touted, and discarded by an aggressive, confrontational, and skillful MC. JPEG, who self-produces the majority of his work, is quite a jack of all trades in hip-hop, and it shows heavily in this single. Though Kenny Beats is credited, you can feel Peggy’s contribution to the production. After giving this track a couple listens, it’s normal to need a neck-brace, I assure you. If you like this track, be sure to give his latest full-length project, Veteran, a listen. At the very least you’ll have a wonderful time.