Houston rising artist, Casper delivers a new vivid and interesting project with his body of work on "Waves"

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Written by Kolin Miller

Casper has released his first EP on all major streaming platforms. As an H-Town native, we here at modern life just HAD to spill our 2 cents on the project and the artist behind it all.

Casper is no stranger to the creative arts. Ever since a young age, he has danced, rapped, and performed his way to a devoted cult-like home following which continues to grow by the day. As an artist who has been through the ringer of the entertainment industry and all that it encompasses, Casper wishes to distance himself from the luxuries of a traditional pursuit in order to better understand himself as an artist.

With Waves, from my conversation with the artist, Casper wished to release something home-grown and home-made with minimal to no interference from industry professionals in order to prove to his fanbase, his musical peers, and moreover himself, just what he is capable of without the help of a manager, marketing agency, label support, or anything of that nature. The result is a homely, vibrant, and original piece straight out from our own backyard.

While every project has its flaws, Waves offers a complimentary solution to each one. Each awkward sonic phrase is compensated by an interesting beat switch or lyrical remediation, any half-energy bar is answered with a production flourish to bring it from palatable to enjoyable, and any track you don’t personally like guarantees you will like a different track on the piece.

There’s also quite a bit to be said about the producer (the a.m.) behind the entire project, as the sonic fluidity and cohesiveness of Waves is really good.

I encourage you to check out this project, as the young Casper seems to have a bright and promising future in the more introspective lane of Houston’s music scene.