DONTASKGEN delivers a intriguing storyline and captivates plays in his new thrilling visual, "Dirty Game" featuring Adonis The Greek


Written by Greg Harris

Coming from the Houston music scene, DONTASKGEN has put himself in a class of his own. Just following the steps after releasing his critically acclaimed project, “DONTASKFORLOVE”, he aims to grab more folks attention with new concepts and creatives ways of marketing his material. While some may be in anticipation for other records to be released visually, GEN delivers a very powerful visual for his single, “Dirty Game” featuring Adonis The Greek.

The Der directed visual shapes up a vibrant night in Houston that involves a scheme that’s made up by GEN and an assemble of his lady friends that look to knock off a top dog in the city. The flow of the visual sets off a new path of what it means to maximize creative direction at the indie level and how effective it can be when an idea comes together fluidly. This is certainly something you don’t want to miss.

Check it out below.